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Jan 16, 2007, 8:18 AM

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Today, the telephone menu is so ubiquitous it can be impossible to speak to another human being. This may be good business in cutting down on the receptionist payroll, but most people chafe at the endless wait times, menu choices, and the headlong rush into robot culture.

Even in 2007 as the world turns increasing toward digitalization, people want to talk to another human being at the end of the line. The human need for socializing and interacting is adverse to business’s increasing reliance on phone menus. Why can't we just get human?

That's when discovered a nifty website – the gethuman 500 database, set up along the lines of Fortune 500, that rates the major American companies' telephone reception services while giving tips on getting through.

gethuman 500 awards a failing grade to approximately 90% of US companies it rated in terms of their telephone accessibility. A few were rated A for the caller's ability to access a human receptionist with just one call.

gethuman 500 is fun yet instructive and illustrates how all industries, including the summer camp industry, can benefit by being accessible and showing the human touch.

Check out: gethuman 500

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