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A new adventure SUPERHERO program in Ontario, Canada


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Mar 21, 2007, 2:31 PM

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A new adventure SUPERHERO program in Ontario, Canada Quote | Reply

Discovery Land Camp developed a new adventure Superhero program in Ontario, Canada.
Check out on:

Campers will learn the secrets of super agents:

*camouflage and undercover maneuvers,

*orientation skills,

*how to easily memorize information after hearing it only once!

*how to face a survival situation,

*how to build a shelter,

*how to make a good fire even after heavy rain,

*enjoy the mystery of the night during our night trip,

*develop a Superheros imagination and creativity for providing solutions when ordinary people give up,

*participate in rock climbing, real fencing, stretching, ball games, archery, swimming, and much more- what a great physical conditioning and adventures for the future superhero!

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