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MarketLeap Identifies as a Major Contender in Link Popularity



Dec 30, 2004, 11:14 AM

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MarketLeap Identifies as a Major Contender in Link Popularity Can't Post

One of the best ways to independently and comparatively gauge a website's overall reach is to check its link popularity. calculates this by tallying the number of links that search engines have found for a site. A high volume of links to is simply another indicator of the visibility (and likely, the respective traffic) of our site.

Just take a look at our impressive results. According to Marketleap, there are 95,594 websites linking to Compare this number to our competition: 14,540 link to; 12,905 link to; only 2,977 link to You can view these numbers in detail in the attached file, to see where stands in a side-by-side comparison.

Try it yourself: go to, and compare to the competition. Then decide who you would like to advertise with: a firm with a few affiliates, or a firm with thousands of affiliates in every specific niche market out there.

Marketleap was designed to allow webmasters to find out who is linking to their site and to help businesses with search engine optimization. Marketleapís Link Check tool gives a useful frame of reference to map out where a site stands in comparison to the competition, and to other major online forces.

Shaby Ranganathan

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