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Should I choose a large or small summer ski / adventure camp for my daughter?


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Jan 26, 2008, 7:08 AM

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Should I choose a large or small summer ski / adventure camp for my daughter? Quote | Reply

Due to my insufficient knowledge about summer ski camps I am asking for help on this forum.

My daughter is an intermediate 14 year old skier. She loves this sport and I would like her to get better at it. Because we live in a southern state the only way she can improve is if I will send her on a ski camp during the summer break.

I heard that skiing on a glacier in Europe is the ultimate experience for some children. I just donít know how safe that is. I found some large companies that organize such camps but they do not present their counselors on their website. They also say that the level of skiing experience required is higher. I consider my daughter a fairly good skier but she might not be at the expected level under their standards and I am afraid that the camp might be too tough for her.

I found another smaller company which has only 3 instructors/counselors, 2 of them being the owners of the business. They have many details on their website including an extensive qualification description for each of their group leaders. One of them has 30 years of ski instructing experience. They seem quite knowledgeable but I think it is their first summer camp in Europe because I do not see details about previous camps on their website.

What should I do?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

My main concern with the larger companies is that they can not tell me exactly who the trip leaders will be.

The smaller company is donating part of their profit to their local police athletic league which makes me believe that they are a serious small business. Could this be a wrong assumption?

If you think of some tricky questions that I can ask them in order to get a better feeling of who they are please let me know.

What would you think that a fair price would be for a ski summer camp that includes the following?

  • 20 nights lodging in a 3 stars bed and breakfast that looks quite nice in the pictures
  • 3 meals per day
  • 14 days ski pass
  • 14 days of morning ski lessons and evening video analysis of the childrenís progress
  • Afternoon activities during the ski days such as swimming at the local pool, rollerblading and soccer games
  • 6 days of other activities including guided hiking tour, guided mountain biking tour, one day sightseeing tour of the biggest closest city, river rafting and balloon ride
  • All ground transportation
  • 24 hours supervision

The airfare is not included in their package.

Thank you very much for your help.


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