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Summer Camp Advertising Goes Digital


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Feb 11, 2008, 2:03 PM

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Summer Camp Advertising Goes Digital Can't Post

The summer camp industry is a microcosm of the ever-increasing digital world. The vast changes in internet communications are firmly in place, leaving traditional forms of information gathering and distribution rapidly diminishing.

Summer camp owners need to take note of the changes in the larger economy.

For instance, advertising in the Yellow Pages industry is falling off for the same reasons that newspaper sales have slowed down. The internet, because of its ability to target audiences and to quantify results through metric analysis, provides businesses with more return on their advertising dollars.

Digital options are seen as superior to print because they are more flexible. A business is committed to a Yellow Page ad for a year but is capable of running an AdWords campaign, changing as needed.

Consumer information gathering and purchasing techniques are rapidly changing from the telephone to the internet. Books – like the Yellow Pages – are large and present storage problems while a computer is self-contained, and provides a far greater reach through the internet.

Purchasing is going online or has evolved into a mixed modal format where consumers research online products and services prior to meeting or purchasing from a vendor.

Finally, the growing fear of a US recession means businesses will want to keep costs down.

This larger trend parallels the inclination for summer camps to advertise online with a related directory:

1) The speed and quantity of targeted information for parents and children far outweighs any print or walk-in alternatives like newspapers or camp fairs.

2) Internet marketing in less expensive and less labor intensive.

3) Online advertising is quantifiable compared to print or other media (radio, TV).

4) Fears of a recession mean consumer confidence will decline and smaller businesses, like summer camps, could see lower enrolment. Parents will want to hold back their expenditures and find less expensive ways to provide for their children’s summer vacations. Summer camps will have to counter with more efficient, less expensive and more measurable advertising to persuade parents to spend.

Small to medium-sized businesses, like summer camps, will protect their investments over the next few years, by keeping their advertising budgets on track with internet directories.

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