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Summer Camp Countdown


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Mar 14, 2008, 1:31 PM

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Summer Camp Countdown Can't Post

One thing I have always enjoyed while working at is visiting camp websites that host virtual countdowns. Each day, hour, minute, and second is calculated until the biggest day of all: the first day of camp.

There can be no better way to heighten the anticipation of the coming camp year - especially for kids.

When I was a teenager the internet didn't exist; neither did personal computers. My older brother and I would talk in the backyard as summer camp approached.

Maybe there was something special to life without an online aid to remind us how near we were to summer camp fun.

"I can't believe it's only four months to camp," we'd say mantra-like. Then, "I can't believe it's only three, only two, only one month away." Finally, "I can't believe summer camp starts tomorrow."

It's old-fashioned, because I now realize that the online camp countdown is remarkably effective in drawing kids back to summer camp websites; I consider it to be a simple and persuasive marketing tool that heightens the anticipation of campers towards the summer camp season ahead.

My pre-internet experience as a teen offers an example; kids love to count down to the greatest time of their lives.

Also, the countdown exists for camp administrators - the people who are preparing every day, minute, and second for the season ahead.

By now, owners and directors are in high gear of preparation - hiring staff, refining mission statements, and reviewing insurance policies. Camp administrators in the northern US and in Canada have weathered a heavy winter, filled with snow and ice. They will have to dig out, inspect the damage, and restore their grounds.

This countdown is very important; kids and owners/directors realize the two months of summer are getting nearer. Parents, too, are counting down to their time alone, secure that their children will be safe, having fun, and acquiring maturity.

The avid backyard talks that my brother and I participated in B.I. (Before Internet) are still vital for children. But, the growing importance of virtual time in the lives of kids demonstrates that Word of Mouth, though invaluable, needs to be shared with the exponential growth of the internet.

Everyone, start counting, summer camp is around the corner.

Stephen Winbaum is the Communications Coordinator of

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