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Summer Camp Meets Earth Day


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Mar 25, 2008, 12:23 PM

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Summer Camp Meets Earth Day Can't Post

April 22. welcomes Earth Day, 2008.

Environmental consciousness and summer camp are perfect counterparts because they showcase the imperative of preserving a pristine outdoor setting for today’s children and for the generations of future campers.

The best way for children to learn about the environment is in the camp environment rather than through school studies. The opportunity to engage in outdoor activities is a fun, experiential-based approach which provides kids with a life-long appreciation for nature’s sanctity.

Environmental studies have become a mainstay in many elementary and high schools, a phenomenon which dovetails nicely into the summer camp experience; like theory and in-field studies.

Traditional camps are based around outdoor activities: swimming, canoeing, tripping, hiking, rock climbing & rappelling, and others. Campers experience both the joy of being outdoors and the physical challenge of exerting themselves and overcoming personal and external obstacles.

The skyrocketing growth of Environmental Camps, Farming Camps, Wilderness Camps, Mountaineering Camps, and other adventure-based camps is an indication of the renewed interest in living with nature in a deep and rewarding fashion.

For many camp directors, becoming environmentally conscious means instituting innovative approaches to the study of nature. LD camp directors have discovered the success of gardening as a relaxed environment for children. The addition of small farm animals provides children with a safe and enjoyable interaction with livestock.

Teenagers and adults enjoy gardening and interacting with domesticated animals, too, as natural outlets for down time. We forget how much we need and appreciate the nature in our own backyards, parks, and household pets.

Green summer camp approaches to Art & Crafts include creating sculpture through recycled objects (found objects), and including forest and shoreline objects. Drawing sessions can include illustrating flowers, insects and trees.

The exploration of music through summer camp nature can include birdsong frequencies and natural phenomena such as mountains and rivers.

The green lesson for summer camps and homes is to spend less time on the gloomy environmental reports – though don’t disregard them– but focus on the gifts of nature, today. In that way, we’ll want to save the world.

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