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Mar 26, 2008, 10:17 AM

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Go Green Summer Camp Reading Can't Post

Welcome to the April 2008 Newsletter.

In anticipation of Earth Day, on April 22, this month's theme is Go Green.

With its emphasis on outdoor activities and learning, summer camp has always been connected with the environment.

Camp is not just fun, or an opportunity to break away from the indoor constraints of the school year, but an extention of outdoor education and observation.

In the spirit of summer camp environmental education, is devoting the April Newsletter to the practical possibilities of going green.

Our contributors may not offer international expertise on climate change, green house gases, polar meltdowns, etc. Instead, they provide practical solutions, small steps, for the summer camp community to implement towards a larger problem.

Here's an outline of the April 2008 Green Newsletter.
  1. Summer Camp Meets Earth Day: Stephen Winbaum details how summer camps are evolving to further an appreciation and concern for the environment.

  2. Five Things to Do to Get More Natural: An ACA article by Jim Parry, the outdoor education director at Collin County YMCA Adventure Camp in Anna, Texas. Jim gets down to earth and outlines five simple green activities, including a classic environmental activity of former American President, Harry Truman.

  3. Environmental Tips and Savings: Summer Camp Owners and Directors: Outlines the environmental and financial advantages of paperless summer camps. By Stephen Winbaum.

  4. Upcoming Events

  5. Beyond Green Hype: Effective Conservation at Summer Camp: The most effective tips to teach campers and staff to conserve the earth's limited resources. By Camp Scholar, Dr. Christopher Thurber.
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