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Jan 28, 2005, 8:49 PM

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We would like to commend Eric (, Nancy (, Kyle ( and Hank ( for a very well written document outlining several of the concerns about website metrics (Web Ranking Credibility -

They are correct in several of the limitations of these statistics; however, the entire area of web metrics and using the best available evidence in making your marketing decisions requires an in depth analysis before conclusions can be made regarding the usefulness of Alexa data or any other web metrics data including web server logs. Unfortunately their article singles out an individual camp directory and although not directly named it is pretty obvious that they are talking about

It is well known that we have never made any false claims about these web metrics (Alexa, MetricsMarket, MarketLeap), but have simply made camp professionals aware that they exist and suggested that they may assist them in making a decision in the competitive camp directory marketplace. We find it interesting that 4 directories have banded together against a single camp directory. Are they concerned for your welfare, or their own welfare? Our knowledge regarding how to research, conduct and evaluate a comprehensive marketing strategy is evident in the early success of KidsCamps has been online for 10 years, CampSearch 8 years, CampChannel 9 years and CampPage 8 years. has been online for 16 months and has attained the near impossible in such a competitive marketplace. We’ve become one of the most trafficked camp directories on the Internet and have secured top ranking for arguably the most prominent search keyword "summer camps" on 2 of the 3 major search engines (Yahoo and MSN). In addition, we have astounding placement (as we will show in the search results analysis at the end of the article) for 100s of the most common search terms in the summer camp marketplace.

In the article below we will offer insight into how the web works, what you can and can’t know about web traffic, the potential usefulness of Alexa and other web metrics, the complexities involved in a comprehensive marketing strategy and what we as a camp directory are doing to bring a new level of professionalism, accountability, full disclosure and technology to this marketplace.
Evan A. Heltay

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