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Get more campers with Facebook


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May 13, 2008, 12:06 PM

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Get more campers with Facebook Can't Post

You’ve probably heard of Facebook, but just in case you haven’t, it's a social utility where thousands of current and former campers have accounts with pictures, personal descriptions, news feeds, events, comparison contests, and the list is nearly endless.

Campers communicate with each other by agreeing to be Facebook friends. This gives them access to each others’ Friends Lists, and then they can expand their networks by reconnecting with old friends or making new ones. They can send messages to each other in easy-to-navigate threads. Every Facebook member can invite new friends, promote events they plan to attend, invite others to come, announce groups they have joined, update their personal status, and create photo albums.

A lot has been said, and written, in the summer camp industry about social networking sites being used as public information; perceptive warnings to counselors to refrain from posting inappropriate information and pictures lest directors gain access to this material. All said with good caution.

But, the real story is the incredible marketing tool Facebook has become for camp directors and owners.

Consider this: it’s now the time of the year when camp directors are eager to fill their remaining spots. Budgets have been spent and there is no additional money available for advertising. Finding free services is the only option.

Many camp operators are turning to Facebook to attract campers. The problem is that gaining more campers through Facebook is not as straight forward as you think . . . or is it? has developed a Facebook application that will help directors attract campers. Here is how it works:
  • Every camp listed on is also listed on the MySummerCamps Facebook application

  • The MySummerCamps application allows you and all your former campers to identify the camp they attended and post stories about it

  • The MySummerCamps application allows alumni to re-connect through a camp network and interact with their long lost camp mates
  • The bigger your camp network the more campers you will get.

    The greater the 'buzz' about your camp, the more likely new campers will come on board. That's the proficiency of social networking. When campers who attended your camp in former years add your camp profiles, all their friends are notified about your camp to read stories. You create a huge marketing/sales force out of all your former campers – the best promoters possible!

    Add campers to your camp profile.

    First thing you must do is create a Facebook account, if you don’t have an account yet . . . create one at

    Go onto and find your camp listing. Click on the “Add to Facebook” link. This step will ask you to add the MySummerCamps Facebook application which is a requirement.

    Send an email to all your camp alumni informing them about the MySummerCamps Facebook application where they can post stories about their camp experiences and reconnect with long lost camp mates.

    Here is a suggested email template.

    Dear <Name>

    There is a great new tool for connecting campers and camp alumni via Facebook and we wanted to make you aware of it and encourage you to add <Your Camp Name> to your profile page on Facebook.

    Simply go to ( and add <Your Camp Name> to your profile and share your great experiences about <Your Camp Name> with all your friends!

    Hope to see you there.

    <Your Name>
    <Your Signature>

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