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May 30, 2008, 10:02 AM

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North America's Number One summer camp directory has redefined its digital mission through advanced web technology. has re-launched the highest-ranked summer camp related directory on the internet. The re-launch creates a superior and more navigable site for online users and preserves as the foremost summer camp website.

The re-launch was accomplished through the digital expertise of the technological staff at, under the direction of Mr. Evan Heltay.

The renewed site possesses novel features and updates. It has been redesigned with a “Web 2.0” look and feel. Benefits include user-friendly navigation, improved interoperability among the different sections of the site, and interoperability with different sites, i.e. Facebook, and nav sections on Google.

Social networkers can search for camps on the incredibly popular Facebook, find old camp alumni, share stories, and review camps. A newly designed and easily accessible search bar and members area will provide links for greater consistency, convenience, and usability.

Evan Heltay, President and CEO of Target Directories, Corp., likened the re-launch of to a revisualization of a venerable architectural structure.

“The former directory was great but it had served its purpose. I felt the need to push on and improve the look and feel of for the sake of all our clients,” said Mr. Heltay. “The visual impact is instant and the operational effects will become apparent when our listed camps and vendors find that even more targeted traffic is driven toward their sites. It’s a windfall for all our business alliances,” he added.

The newly developed will also feature a New Camp Resources section for users (directors, campers) to share camp activities, leading to a sense of community on the site and in the camping world, in general.

With new easy-to-use bookmarks, visitors to will be able to keep track of all their favorite camps, vendors, rental locations, and activities. Each listing's site will improve because it will be unnecessary to scroll down camp detailed pages. Information is now available through tabs, making the content cleaner and more organized.

Users will have the option to review and rate camps, in order to increase the sense of community on the site, as well as the site's value to end users. Camp Owners will be able to modify and respond to these reviews.

The viewing area of the site has been expanded to include more content. It is now optimized for a 1024 pixel width resolution instead of 800 pixels. Also more information (camp short listings) is now immediately visible on the screen without having to scroll down. This allows more featured camps to be visible on the pages, increasing the sales opportunity and revenue.

Also, Web 2.0 Breadcrumb navigation is available throughout the site for easy navigation and improved user usability.

Stephen Winbaum is the Communications Coordinator of


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