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Summer Camp September Song


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Sep 4, 2008, 1:12 PM

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Summer Camp September Song Can't Post

The days grow short when you reach September. And the autumn weather turns the leaves to gray. And I havenít got time for the waiting game.

(September Song by M. Anderson & K. Weill)

Back to school, but vivid memories remain of summer camp 2008. Now it's a waiting game till the next summer spins ahead to 2009. The expectations about whatís to come equal the recollection of what's been left behind. It's sweet to look ahead to the next summer reunion and then do it all again. (We're captive on the carousel of time - J. Mitchell.)

The sun sets earlier and the days grow short. Late summer and early autumn meld into each other. It's a twilight season mingled with accomplishments and a desire to return to times past.

For summer camp operators the marketing and promotion priorities are established immediately. A great summer for campers can be turned into repeat enrollments.

Now is the best marketing opportunity for summer camp operators. If children come back to home and proclaim that they had a great summer, chances are repeat customers are on hand. When children embrace a camp's culture, they will return again. That's why the really great camps are filled year after year, before the end of September.

In 2008, parents and children spent many exhausting hours looking for the right camps by going to camp fairs, talking to neighbors, and searching full blast on the Internet. Many will go that route again; many have already decided on 2009.

It's the waiting game.

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