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Australian Riding Instructor seeks USA camp!


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Nov 3, 2008, 3:30 PM

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Australian Riding Instructor seeks USA camp! Quote | Reply

Hi All!

I am hoping you can help me find my ideal camp to work at in the coming 09 USA Summer!

I am a 23yo (will be 24 in Jan) young at heart, fun loving girl. I have grown up with horses, went to a horse boarding school, studied horses at Uni AND have even taught and instructed on childrens riding camps here in Aus! I am mature, yet VERY good at acting like a big kid, and find working with children extremely rewarding. I am currently looking at the way forward in making a career working with children so Summer Camp is my first step!

My ideal camp would be a co-ed traditional camp - I want to sing songs around a fire, do color war and all the rest of that typical USA summer camp stuff! I am not going out looking for boys by any means - but I'm not so much of a girly girl either, so am not sure I could last 10 weeks or more with only other females.

I would love to be at a camp that is somewhat close enough to be able to go into town on a (rare) day off and see a movie or eat at a resturaunt. I've also heard of camps that take the older kids to a water or theme park and think that would be the most amazing day out and sounds like LOADS of fun!

I would be happy to work as a skilled counseller - I have been approached to work as a director in the horse program at one camp, but am not sure I want to miss out on the cabin duties a counsellor has. The money is obviously better but the offer is at an all girls camp so hence the reason I am still looking. If I were to work as the directory or a horse program, I would rather it be a more laid back horse program - lessons and trail rides, but the kids still take part in other actitvities too, as i'd like to have the chance to experience other activities that a dedicated horse riding camp might not offer. I've also done dedicated riding camps here in Aus so am looking for something different this time around. I would also consider positions in an animal nursey - and can do cooking, craft, drama games etc.

I will be availble for whenever you need me (yep - I'm quitting my job to travel to the USA) and am willing to undertake whatever training is required either here, or in the US, in order to fufill the right camps requirements.

If you think you can offer me my dream camp position, or if you know of a camp you might suggest to me - please email me at [email protected] and I will be pleased to forward my resume and references.

I have an agency here in Aus who can arrange and sponser my visa, and upon the right position being found, can put you in touch with them to sort out the finer details.

I have been searching the internet and looking at different camp websites but there are just so many it's hard to know where to start so thought I'd see if there was anyone who might know of a suitable camp and do some of the hard work for me! I'm very excited and hope to hear from someone soon! :)

Kind regards,
[email protected]

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