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What we look for in a potential camp counselor


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Nov 5, 2008, 5:02 PM

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What we look for in a potential camp counselor Quote | Reply

Hi, I run a summer camp in Los Angeles called Aloha Beach Camp. One of the questions parents ask us all the time is, "Who are your counselors, and how do you pick them?"

I'm new to this message board, but just wanted to lend my two cents for anyone who might be searching for a job at camp: The most important criteria for us are that any potential staff memeber is 1) mature, and 2) has at least one year of college, and 3) will be a positive role model to our campers. (Prior experience is helpful, but not required.)

I don't know about how other camp directors feel (I'd be interested to know), but for us, that's pretty much it. If we feel the applicant meets this initial criteria, then we will have them go through a pretty rigorous interview process which includes drug testing, a criminal background check and more.

If you are a potential staff person and have any specific questions I can answer, please feel free to ask. Thanks!

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Feb 19, 2009, 12:06 AM

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Re: [AlohaBeachCamp] What we look for in a potential camp counselor [In reply to] Quote | Reply

I've got some Army time under my belt, and am now a college student. Would listing Army training on my CV hurt my chances of getting hired? Specifically would things like; Airborne qualification (paratrooper school), Advanced Infantry Training, and having been in combat have any impact on my chances of getting hired?
I also have plenty of experience with more kid related stuff like coaching, teaching Sunday school, and even prior experience working as a camp counselor. I'm just trying to figure out if Army experience is something better left out.


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