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  • News you can use

    Keeping Kids Hydrated at Summer Camp
    Being lazy about water intake may seem like a minor transgression. But dehydration can cause muscle cramps, exhaustion, fatigue, dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting and even death. So how can camp Directors ensure that busy campers…

    Crucial Conversations can Make or Break a Camp
    Every camp director has been there. If asked, you could immediately name two or three people with whom you should have a crucial conversation about some topic, but you haven’t. Conversations like these can literally determine the success…

    The Perils of Promotion – Avoiding Negative Repercussions for Staff
    The downfall of a promotion is that only one person can be successful. All of the other candidates lose out on the benefits. These individuals may have resulting emotional reactions that damage their performance as well as…

    Event Spotlight

    World Youth and Student Travel Conference
    WYSTC is the established meeting place for professionals in youth and student travel. It is the forum for the exchange of knowledge and know-how and the place to conduct business with a diverse range of reliable partners, all within a lively 24-hour networking environment. WYSTC’s mission is to further the global interests of the youth and student travel industry, providing a global forum for authentic operators to develop high quality products and services for this fast-growing travel sector. WYSTC will be held in Toronto, Canada from October 10-16, 2005.

    Product Spotlight

    LiceGuard™ Lice Control System
    It only takes one child to bring lice to a camp and create an outbreak that can last all summer. LiceGuard™ products are a staple in many camps across the United States and Canada. Camp nurses always have a stock of LiceGuard™ products in case of breakouts. As the #1 Lice Repellent in the world, LiceGuard™ Repellent Spray has become the single best tool in Lice Prevention – one bottle will keep a child lice free throughout the summer. 96% of the lice control products on the market are made with toxic chemicals which may cause cancer, epilepsy and brain damage in children. LiceGuard™ RobiComb, Repellent Spray, Egg Remover Shampoo and Professional Comb are Non-Toxic and 99.98% efficient. Camp Directors who stock LiceGuard™ products ensure that campers remain safe, healthy and lice-free all summer long.

    One Last Thing

    The Art of Summer Camps
    The experience is intuitive and hands-on. Campers apply their minds and hands to create a personal, and cherished, object d’art. Arts and crafts specialists, with teaching abilities, are great additions to all camps.

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