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  • News you can use

    Summer's Declaration of Independence
    Summer has declared itself open for business! On July 4, America will be 229-years-old. For summer camps a new season will begin. welcomes you to its July newsletter.

    Camp Gives Kids a World of Good
    Children who go to camp gain positive identity, social skills, and positive values and spirituality - as well as increased physical and thinking skills. Those are just some of the findings of the largest research study of camper outcomes ever conducted in the United States.

    In to the Future with Summer ComputerCamps
    Computer Camps are on the rise and summer will never be the same. Traditional sports and recreational camps will remain, but many kids and their parents are choosing more highly-specialized summer settings.

    Summer Camp for Kids with Learning Disabilities
    All camp directors need to recognize the presence of kids with learning disabilities. According to the ACA Trend Fact Sheet - ADHD affects 3 to 5% of the children in the USA. Camp directors need to be equipped with a basic knowledge of learning disorders.

    Upcoming events

    Injury & Illness Prevention Research Project
    The Association of Camp Nurses (ACN) is working with the American Camp Association, Ohio State University and Concordia Language Villages on an Injury & Illness Prevention project. ACN is currently searching for 20 camps to pilot research efforts this summer.

    Product Spotlight

    For over 14 years, iDigital has provided free digital photography and e-commerce services to thousands of clients. Camp Directors use high mega-pixel iDigital cameras to photograph campers and guests, directing them to the camp’s iDigital online storefront. Guests can then view photos and purchase prints and personalized mementos which include the camp’s logo or colors. As a marketing tool, iDigital’s services are a powerful revenue generator and come at no cost to the camp Director. “We capture your memories”.

    One Last Thing

    Summer Camp Romance
    Summer romance is as traditional as camp. Teachers warn kids to hold off for a while, and camp directors talk about the risks of peer pressure to find a summer steady. But teenage romance is a big part of society, the media, and summer camp. So what's a camp director to do?

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