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July 2008
July Summer Camp Reading The summer celebration has begun. July - the magic month - ushers in another camp season. Explore the contents of this month's's newsletter.
Summer Camp & New Technology Pro techies maintain that summer camp technology, like video streaming & password-protected e-mail service between parents and children, provide vastly superior communication. Anti techies remain adamant that camp is the last refuge for the natural, outdoor experience for children - writes Stephen Winbaum - Communications Coordinator of
There's a "Bad" Kid in the Cabin... Classroom... Neighbourhood... What do we communicate (between the lines) to our children if we complain to the camp director, the school principal, the hockey coach, the other parents, about the very imperfect child in the group? The message is that perfection is attainable and desirable. The message is that life is controllable, and ought to be controlled - writes Camp Scholar - Joanne Kates.
Protect Your Campers helps parents protect their investment by providing cancellation insurance in case their child cannot attend camp. Camp Directors who traditionally would lose that child's tuition are protected as well.

Direct your camp families to Signing-up is simple and participation is inexpensive.

To learn more about how you can protect your camp and campers call us toll-free at 877-777-7738
The Difficult Bunk Meeting Most children are already used to the common patterns with which adults respond to their poor behavior. They are used to being lectured. They are masters at knowing how to say the "right" things to appease adults. Thus, in order to get kids to respond differently, we have to say and do things differently - writes Jeffrey Leiken, M.A. - in this ACA article.
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Upcoming Events
NOLS - National Outdoor Leadership School
Explore Wyoming's Wind River Mountains, a wilderness range renowned for its pristine lakes and rugged mountain beauty. Experience a sense of accomplishment at the end of a challenging hiking day. 30 days - July/August 2008 dates.
NOLS - Salmon Backpacking & Rafting Wilderness and whitewater combined into one course for an exciting 28-day backcountry adventure. Begin backpacking for 18 days among the sculpted peaks and mountain meadows of the Beaverheads or Lemhi Range in Idaho. Climb peaks and fish for trout while learning to travel through rugged mountain terrain and forested hills. 28 days - July/August 2008 dates.

ICC Quebec 2008 is a unique international event with the goal to create the exchange of ideas between various cultures and countries and to expand alliances between camp representatives. It is an opportunity for volunteer and professional delegates to discover and share trends and to transform the world of camping on a local or global scale. ICC Quebec 2008 is a forum for networking and building partnerships with organizations around the world. The Group and Leadership Essentials are proud to be sponsors at this historic event in the camping industry, held in Quebec City during its 400th Anniversary. Dr. Chris Thurber, psychologist, author and consultant will be a special speaker.

Product Spotlight
Leadership Essentials
Professional day camp and resident camp directors all face the same challenge: How can you train the new season's staff in just a few short days? Poorly trained staff are a liability, but expertly trained staff will become your camp's biggest asset.

To meet your training needs, CampSpirit is proud to offer Leadership Essentials, a brand-new, premium library of online video training modules, written and hosted by Dr. Christopher Thurber and friends. Each module teaches critical leadership skills that every camp counselor needs to effectively deal with the social, behavioral, and disciplinary situations that arise at all summer camps.
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One Last Thing
The Summer Camp National Anthem 2008
Then have fun we must, when our cause it is just,
And this be our motto: "In Camp is our trust."
O say, is that grand camp still standing and saved
For a summer so free and cabins so brave?

Stephen Winbaum's new summer take on The Star-Spangled Banner.
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