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June 2009

A Welcome
Hello fellow summer campers,

Nice to meet you! I hope you are all looking forward to the summer as much as I am. The sun came out early this year, signaling a good time to start preparing for summer fun.

I recently began working at to help create content. Please feel free to read about my background and personal experiences at My Summer Camps here.

Looking forward to a wonderful summer!

Quinn Neugebauer, M.A.

Why it's worth it: In these tough economic times, it is even more difficult to justify our expenditures - including sending children to summer camp. In Is Your Message Tough Enough? Steven Cony of Communications Counselors, LLC, explains how the benefits of attending camps far outweigh any financial set-back.

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Summer Camp Employment: Lynda Fishman, M.S.W., recounts the several benefits of working on a summer camp staff in Money Isn’t Everything . . . Summer Camp Jobs Have Enormous Benefits. She argues that, while the pay may not be great, the experience can be invaluable.

Separation Anxiety
Perhaps the most difficult part of summer camp is witnessing the often bittersweet good-byes between the parents and their children. Whether they are gone for two days or two months, children and parents alike become more aware of the physical distance separating them. Some children scream and cry. Some parents begin to question the suitablilty of the camp and how their children will adapt. While this event may not be easy to endure, take some comfort in knowing that their reaction is completely natural.

But do take note if a child seems particularly unable to adjust, as this may be a sign of a seperation anxiety disorder. The anxiety is considered diagnosable when it leads to significant impairment of daily functioning. So if a child is unable or unwilling to engage in the summer camp activities, he or she may not be mentally prepared for the environmental change and may need extra assistance.

Tips: To ensure a smooth transition for your new campers, it is critical to be especially welcoming and accomodating upon their arrival. Encourage parents to plan consistant phone calls with their children to alleviate anticipatory worry or anxiety. Also spend time speaking with the parent and the child together to establish a known mutual connection. And as always, provide positive feedback when the child engages with the group play and exhibits positive interactions among his or her peers.

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