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  • Survey Says

    Do you use Pay Per Click Advertising?
    The controversy of pay per click advertising continues. Are you a fan of PPC and have you found that it works well for your camp? Find out what other camp professionals have to say!

    News You Can Use

    Understanding Group Processes
    The foundation of the summer camp is the group. Throughout the summer, in addition to the attention we give to the individual camper, our focus is continually on the various group configurations. We attend to the cabin group, the same-age groups, and the camp as a whole.

    Organic Search Rankings vs. Pay Per Click
    Where are your hard earned dollars better spent: trying to increase your organic search engine rankings, or through Pay Per Click (PPC), Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing (SM), or MSN AdCenter?

    Spirituality and Camp
    Dr. Christopher Thurber is the original Camp Scholar. This article is a sample offering of the high quality summer camp content available from Find out how to acquire Camp Scholar for your website coming up in One Last Thing.

    Upcoming Events

    ACA New England Spring Conference
    The ACA New England Spring Conference is an educational program designed specifically for the camp professional. With more than 60 sessions devoted to the 14 essential areas of camp management, the Spring Conference covers a wide variety of topics.

    ACA CampWest Conference 2006 - Las Vegas
    The hot desert sun and all-night entertainment will not deter Camp West participants from diving into this year's conference seminars. Great speakers and hundreds of exhibitors will be on hand.

    Product Spotlight

    Screenprinting and embroidery
    Promote your next product launch, special event, company party or sports team with great looking T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Totebags, Aprons and other great products.

    We offer custom inks such as shimmers, metallics, flourescents and puff to create that special effect. We also offer free Pantone® ink matching for custom colors.

    Help your campers oütsmart poison ivy/oak
    büji™ Wash :  gentle, exfoliating scrub designed to wash away urushiol (plant oil and source of allergic reactions) anytime after symptoms begin or exposure for fast, effective relief (hypoallergenic, dermatologist-and pediatrician-tested).

    büji Block™ :  pre-contact lotion designed to protect against allergic reactions by inhibiting absorption of urushiol.  Also contains SPF 20 UVA/UVB sunscreen (hypoallergenic, non-stinging, moisturizing, water-resistant, dermatologist-and pediatrician-tested).

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    One Last Thing

    Camp Scholar on the Rise
    As the editor of Camp Scholar, I’ve seen our special site grow from its original contributor, Dr. Christopher Thurber, to a summer camp contingent of erudite writers and commentators, with room to grow.

    Rich-media marketing boosts camp traffic
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