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March 2009

March Summer Camp Reading
When I think about Spring, I think about changes, transition, resurrection and birth. This newsletter is full of information to help you make changes to your marketing and planning to accommodate for the tough economy, news of our completed transition with all of MySummerCamps operations to our Los Angeles office, the birth of a counselor, and the resurrection of some values learned in kindergarten that can help with enrollment retention. - Charisse Formanes

Meet our new MSC Staff and get our new contact information. New Staff

Interview: The Birth of a Counselor with Alden Olmsted, prior camper and camp counselor: "After having a great experience, it was a natural response to want to give back"-- but his reasons for doing so are much more involved and tied in to what many generations of campers can relate and connect to.– Charisse Formanes

Marketing: The Care and Feeding at Summer Camp: Steve Cony, a well known Marketing Consultant, discusses how your marketing objectives should be threefold regardless of where you go for assistance with your marketing program, the three needs your resources must understand to get these objectives met, and what you should expect from your resources once these guidelines have been established. Staff Photo
Weather Defender

Whether making life-or-death decisions or simply deciding to bring your event indoors, every bit of weather intelligence matters. "Weather Defender" is a software application designed specifically for Emergency Management Professionals and weather-impacted businesses.

What if you knew the exact time the next storm, hurricane or other weather threat would reach your camp? There’s actually a service designed just for that purpose and it’s now available to camps.

Weather Defender can provide you with the most detailed weather information available for your specific camp location.

Weather Defender
Strategic Planning: Ten Ways to be Proactive in a Bad Economy: ACAcamps gives ten tips on what you can do to stay proactive during a tough economy. You can can incorporate these tips within your camp strategy as you plan and organize for the upcoming season. Simple changes can lead to a great advantage.

Retention: Everything you needed to know about camper retention you learned in Kindergarten: In Robert Fulghum's book,  "All I really need to know I learned in Kindergarten,"  he discusses the things he learned in Kindergarten and how those simple lessons are all we really need to know about how to live and what to do. Those same lessons fittingly apply to what you can inexpensively do within your camp environment to help retention and be a positive factor when you are recruiting campers (and staff) to your program. – Charisse Formanes

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Upcoming Events

ACA Tri-State Camp Conference Stop by our booth and say hi! March 17 - 20, 2009, Atlantic City, NJ at Atlantic City Convention Center. Camp professionals, seasonal staff, youth development professionals, and “out of school” experiential educators gather annually to participate in over 200 program sessions, visit the 300 booth exhibit hall, and network amongst a group of people dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of children.

CampWest Conference 2009 April 1 - 4, 2009, Las Vegas, NV at Alexis Park Resort.This conference offers practical and guided education so conference attendees can maximize their level of learning and retention of information. From the opening kickoff to the closing session, conference speakers will connect the dots of “Building Connections: Creating Camps That Make a Difference.”

ACA Mid State Camping Conference
March 26 - 28, 2009 , St. Charles, IL at Pheasant Run Conference Center & Resort.The Mid States Camping Conference, the FRIENDLIEST camping conference in the United States, welcomes you to join us for our 17th annual conference. The Mid States conference is a fabulous opportunity to connect with camping professionals, train your staff, shop  for deals and fill your 'bag of tricks'.

Product Spotlight
North American Mattress

Durability and Economy while providing all the Comforts of a very good mattress. After a long day at camp this mattress will help support the sore muscles and insure a good night’s rest for the next day’s adventure. Heavy-duty vinyl or conforming nylon covered mattresses are the workhorse in the camp industry. Our mattresses are made of good quality foam and will hold up to the extra use for many nights of good quality sleep. North America Mattress Corp. the one stop mattress store.

Visit us at
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One Last Thing

Transformation- noun. 1)the act or process of transforming 2) the state of being transformed 3) change in form, appearance, nature, or character.

The gloom of Winter seems like a world away when Spring brings its change. A dismal financial forecast is not an end but a catalyst for transformation. Your camp can still thrive with just some very small yet significant changes.

- Charisse Formanes

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