May 2005 Camp Director Newsletter


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2. Upcoming Events
3. Product Spotlight
4. One Last Thing

News You Can Use

Summer's Veggie Vision
Teens, with their youthful ideals, still connect to vegetarianism as an alternative. But campers' interest in vegetarianism could affect the way camps respond to everybody's summer dietary needs.

eCamp: Online Summer Camp Technology
No more dreary letters from reluctant camp kids. Daily password-protected e-mail service between parents and children is the new internet alternative.

Poison Ivy: A Primer for Prevention
As camp experts, you are very familiar with this ghoulish greenery and already know the basics about how to deal with its effects. But when it comes to poison ivy, the more you know, the better.

Upcoming Events

Camp Health Care Workshop - 28 May, Ontario, Canada
Presented by the Ontario Camping Association's Healthcare Committee, this one day workshop offers current health information, suggestions for management of camp health programs, and opportunity to network...

Legendary Camp Staff Training Events - May 26-28, Cleveland, NY
Interactive training includes sessions on leadership, risk management, camper development and behavior, staff training and supervision, nature exploration and program philosophy.

Product Spotlight

Apparel and merchandise by Raw Talent Inc.
Raw Talent Inc. is your one-stop-shop for all of your apparel and merchandise needs. We offer a wide array of decorating techniques including screen printing and embroidery. Raw Talent Inc. also has an in-house Design Lab which can take your theme or logo and create an incredible, unique design that your camp will love. Please call us or visit our website today to receive our free 299 page apparel catalog and information pack.

One Last Thing

Art Matters: The Creative Side of the Camp Experience
While much attention has been given to adventure camping in recent years, many camps have quietly continued the tradition of encouraging children to explore their creative sides. And according to the National Center of Education Statistics, art in summer camps may be the only exposure many children have to art.

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