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May 2008 Newsletter
Protect Your Campers helps parents protect their investment by providing cancellation insurance in case their child cannot attend camp. Camp Directors who traditionally would lose that child's tuition are protected as well.

Direct your camp families to Signing-up is simple and participation is inexpensive.

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May Summer Camp Reading
Spring is here, at last! Time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather and the sprouting buds on the trees. But, time too, for a read about the latest in the summer camp industry. It will be worth the effort - writes Stephen Winbaum of
Camp Programs That Trigger Bullying
A camp which endorses programs that promotes exclusion loses credibility and risks missing the opportunity to gain the trust of victims to come forward. It also sends a message to bullies that visibly engaging in selectivity and exclusion are acceptable - writes Lynda Fishman, M.S.W., Owner, Executive Director, Adventure Valley Day Camp.
Get More Campers with Facebook
A lot has been written in the summer camp industry about social networking sites being used as public information; perceptive warnings to counselors to refrain from posting inappropriate information and pictures. But, the real story is the incredible marketing tool Facebook has become for camp directors and owners - writes Hagai Maidenberg - CTO of
Preparing the Family for Summer Camp
Cell phones have become vital for dealing with changing schedules, security and the necessity of contact anytime anywhere. But these issues of daily adult life are not part of the everyday life at summer camp. Cell phones only impede the camp experience for a child - writes Camp Scholar, Dr. Stephen Fine.
Maximize Your Environmental Education Program at Camp
A variety of warbler species all feed from the same tree, yet none directly competes with others for food. Some only eat high in the branches while others only eat insects and not fruit and seeds. Much like the warblers' selective feeding niches, your camp's environmental education program should have its own niche - writes camping environmentalist Ray Bivens in this ACA article.
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Upcoming Events
ICC Quebec 2008 8th International Camping Congress
ICC Quebec 2008 is a unique international event with the goal to create the exchange of ideas between various cultures and countries and to expand alliances between camp representatives. It is an opportunity for volunteer and professional delegates to discover and share trends and to transform the world of camping on a local or global scale. ICC Quebec 2008 is a forum for networking and building partnerships with organizations around the world. The Group and Leadership Essentials are proud to be sponsors at this historic event in the camping industry, held in Quebec City during its 400th Anniversary. Dr. Chris Thurber, psychologist, author and consultant will be a special speaker. Evan Heltay, President of will be presenting an Online Marketing seminar. Also, a Web Based Training seminar will be presented by Hagai Maidenberg, CTO of
Backcountry Institute - May 2008 Sampling
BKI Basic Kayak Instructor Training - May 27 to May 28; RGT Raft Guide Training and CTL Caving Trip Leader Training - May 27 to May 29. Professional Backcountry Institute staff teach these valuable training courses. All training satisfies American Camping Association Standards and offers participants an introduction to trip leading and a variety of outdoor courses.
Product Spotlight
Candy Baskets
Send your camper a care package this summer to let them know you're thinking about them! Candy gifts from Candy Baskets are great for any occasion. Visit to check out our complete line of candy arrangements, perfect for birthdays, get well, graduations, just because and more! A Camp care package is a welcome surprise in any cabin, with fun treats for your child while they are away at camp. Choose a basket crammed with kids' favorite chewies, gummies and sours like Airheads, Swedish Fish, and Sweetarts, or a traditional candy assortment of Hershey's chocolate, licorice, Razzles, Mallo Cups and more! Whatever flavor you favor, Candy Baskets has the selection of unique candy arrangements to satisfy any sweet tooth, with fast, fresh delivery.

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Candy Baskets, Inc. takes great pride in providing our customers with the highest quality candy gifts at the most reasonable prices. With our unique gift giving ideas and personal touch, our goal is to be your one-stop source for all your gift giving needs. We want your gift giving experience to be a memorable one. Great pride is taken in choosing only the highest quality products to include in each gift basket and to arrange them in such a way that the recipient will tell everyone about the thoughtful gift you gave them.

What you see in our pictures and our descriptions is what you get, nothing less.
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One Last Thing
Spring Training for Summer Camp
A quick start doesn't just happen on opening day. Like Major League Baseball, it is tied into solid spring training and work throughout the year. The running joke in the summer camp industry is the perception that summer camp operators only work two months of the year, and are on vacation for the other 10. The truth is that summer camp is a year-round job, writes Stephen Winbaum of
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