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May 2009

May Summer Camp Reading
As you go through your checklist of what needs to be completed before the start of the summer camp season, other camp directors share their thoughts this month on good things to keep in mind as you train your staff, think of activities or purchase supplies. Remember: if you are currently in the midst of a frantic scramble to get everything together, breathe. Mini goals will help you reach your big goals without feeling overwhelmed. Trust your staff will carry through, and that it will all surprisingly come together by opening day.
- Charisse Formanes

Activities: Neil Intraub advises on how you can create a camp experience that’s as appealing to parents as it is to campers without feeling like you’ve compromised one aspect or the other in Differentiating Your Camp With Culture.

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We are in the process of launching a newsletter that will be emailed to our database of thousands of parents who have used MySummerCamps to research summer options for their families.

The newsletter will be a resource for both parents and campers, and will include articles like Packing for Summer Camp, Making Friends at Camp, or What to Expect from your Child’s Summer Camp Experience.

At its best, the newsletter will include topics provided by actual camp professionals. If you’d like to contribute an article or advertise your camp in the newsletter, contact [email protected].

If you’re not yet booked for summer and you need an extra marketing tool, this newsletter could help you recruit those last few campers!

Health & Fitness: Ensuring A Healthy Camp Experience: Dina Lieberman strongly feels that part of ensuring a healthy camp experience is putting thoughtful care regarding into what kids will be eating for the next month or two months.

Staff Training: Camp Scholar, Joanne Kates reveals tips on what they tell their staff on how to handle conflict with teen campers in How We Work With Teens at Arowhon.

Yes, You Need To Be A Grown Up Every Day:Learning the value of C.E.R.T. (Character, Environment, Relationships and Training) to minimize the affects of staff personality changes.

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