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  • News You Can Use

    Healthy Camp Cooking For Kids
    Since the early 1800’s American cooks prepared all of their meals on the fireplace or on outside fire pits. Outdoor cooking has always given time to feed the mind and to feed the body – writes Chef Trish Posey for a Thanksgiving Camp Feast.

    Adding Focus - Doing Your Own Market Research
    Market research has significant value for camps. When the product is the summer camp experience, you need as much input as possible regarding what people — both children and parents — desire so that you can continually evolve your offerings to meet needs and perceptions . . . writes summer camp marketing expert – Steve Cony.

    Is Your Camp’s Health Center the Center of Health?
    Show me someone—RN, MD, PA, EMT—who knows how to stop bleeding, stabilize broken bones, treat anaphylaxis, clean up an infection, open an airway, and grab a bucket for that kid about to puke and I’ll show you someone who is ready to work at a camp health center. Camp isn’t a war zone, but it is the front lines – writes Camp Scholar Dr. Christopher Thurber.

    MobilizeYouth Summer Boot Camp 2007
    There was little option: the kids were either in it or out. On the healthy eating end, coaches hovered when lunches were opened, reinforcing good meal choices and why, throwing juice bottles out. Reward came in the form of collage-making at the end of the day – writes Dina Lieberman, founder of MobilizeYouth Day Camp.

    Upcoming Events

    CCCA - National Convention & Exhibition 2007
    November 26 to 29, San Diego, CA – Mission Critical – an excellent place for valuable networking and refreshing fellowship . . . time for casual conversations to offer encouragement and exchange ideas. Speakers, professionals, and musicians will focus on spiritual encouragement and motivation.

    SoCal New Director Orientation (NDO) Course
    December 6, 2007, Los Angeles, CA - This ACA National course offers an overview on key aspects of the camp director's job. Designed to be interactive, the course covers core areas.

    Product Spotlight

    Designed by Camp Directors for Camp Directors, CamperReg provides user friendly, turn-key solutions for all your online registration and camp management needs.

    Let CamperReg automate your registration process and do away with PDFs and mail-in registration forms. Our easy to use system is proven to:

    • Increase registrations
    • Improve customer satisfaction
    • Allow you more time to develop and direct camp programs
    • Reduce administrative overhead
    • Streamline business practices
    • Maximize your online presence
    Visit us today at or call 800.213.8548 to schedule a LIVE Demo.

    One Last Thing

    The Zen of Summer Camp
    Summer camp is associated with fun and learning, and - like Zen - possesses moments of profound peace, stillness, and instances of insight. Good camps thematically build these moments into their activities – writes Stephen Winbaum.

    Protect Your Campers
    Mediaplayer helps parents protect their investment by providing cancellation insurance in case their child cannot attend camp. Camp Directors who traditionally would lose that child's tuition are protected as well.

    Camp Directors can direct their campers to, signing up is simple and inexpensive.

    To learn more about how you can protect your camp and campers call us toll-free at 877-777-7738

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