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  • News You Can Use

    Camp Site, Camp Right
    Camps make changes to their physical structure between summer sessions. Camp friends, counselors, and associates are held dear, but its recollections of the physical site of camps — cabins, dining halls, pathways, activity areas, and all the natural nooks and crannies that keep campers coming back.

    Camp Grazing or How Many Camps Should I Put On My Plate?
    Prospective camper families have changed dramatically. We live in a multicultural society where many parents know nothing about the benefits of organized camping. Children now have a wide array of summer options to choose from. Camps are no longer the only game in town! A Camp Scholar excerpt by Stephen Fine.

    Motivating Young People in the Workplace
    Many camp leaders . . . have what I consider to be a fundamental misunderstanding of "empowerment" that keeps them from acknowledging, asserting, and enforcing their management authority. I call these leaders "false nice guys" because they refuse to accept responsibility for the authority and influence that comes with their position — from an ACA interview with Bruce Tulgan, the founder of RainmakerThinking, Inc.

    Upcoming Events

    CCCA - National Convention and Exhibition - 2006
    Christian Camp and Conference Association’s 2006 convention will be held November 27 to 30 in Philadelphia, PA at the Downtown Philadelphia Marriott — featuring Tony Campolo, John M. Perkins, Kathy Troccoli, Duffy Robbins, and many others.

    CCI/CANADA - National Conference 2006
    CCI/CANADA hosts this national event dedicated to assisting professionals in the Christian camp and conference centre industry. Decision-makers will come together from all across the country — November 12-15, 2006, Mount Orford, Quebec - The Hotel Cheribourg.

    Western Association of Independent Camps - Conference 2006
    Experience "Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude" at the WAIC Conference 2006, at Fess Parker's Doubletree Resort in Santa Barbara California - November 1-5. Includes golf tournament, bike and hiking, and California Beach Party Dinner.

    Product Spotlight

    Camp Cancelation Insurance
    Is your camp’s income protected if a camper cancels 2 weeks before camp starts?

    Parents have already paid the tuition and you have already spent the money on staff and equipment. This puts you in an awkward situation because you want to refund the money to maintain your relationship with the camper but don’t want to lose their tuition money. Protect yourself and your campers with Summer Camp Cancellation Insurance.

    One Last Thing

    Summer Camp Connections
    A lot of my camp friends who couldn’t attend the reunion asked me to fill them in on the details. The standard question was; did the camp site look the same? I responded that I could barely make it out. I was journeying on an inner terrain, to the teenager who soaked up every minute of sun, towards the man I am now.

    Protect Your Campers
    Mediaplayer helps parents protect their investment by providing cancellation insurance in case their child cannot attend camp. Camp Directors who traditionally would lose that child's tuition are protected as well.

    Camp Directors can direct their campers to, signing up is simple and inexpensive.

    To learn more about how you can protect your camp and campers call us toll-free at 877-777-7738

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