September 2005 Newsletter

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  • Rich-media marketing boosts camp traffic
  • News You Can Use
  • Upcoming Events
  • Product Spotlight
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  • News You Can Use

    In The Trenches
    Before experiencing the distractions of camper recruitment and while the memories and experiences are fresh in your mind, take a moment to review your notes from the season that just ended and set goals for the upcoming year…

    The Early Camp Director Catches the Worm
    Aside from the peace of mind that comes with planning ahead, a little foresight can save camps hundreds of dollars in expenses every year. Smart camp Directors take inventory of their equipment, furniture and supplies as soon as…

    Getting Ready for Winter
    Every facility has a list of items, issues, and measures to get the property ready for winter. Often, though, there are procedures not based on smart management, but on the seven deadly words, “That’s the way we’ve always done it!”…

    World of Summer Camp Fairs
    Fall and winter are seasons for camp owners and directors to boost the identity and brand of their camps through many marketing methods. A popular off-season promotional tool is the summer camp fair…

    Upcoming Events

    Camp Business and Parks and Rec – Live!
    From September 13th-14th, Northstar Pubs will be packing the park with camp suppliers who are coming for one reason only – to let camp Directors test-drive their products and services and to sell them right there – at a discount.

    ACA Southeastern Camping Conference
    The Southeastern Camping Conference will be held in Savannah, GA, September 14th – 16th, 2005. Highlights include Keynote Speakers Bob Ditter and Jamie Bussel, infamous live auction and a riverboat cruise and dinner.

    ACA New York Ben Appelbaum Day Camp Conference
    Join ACA New York on September 24th for this year’s Day Camp Conference. The one day conference is committed solely to the enhancement of Day Camps, their owners, directors, staff and campers. Breakfast, lunch and transportation will be provided.

    Product Spotlight

    Camp management the way you want it!
    Looking for easy and flexible software that can handle all aspects of your camp administration? EZ-CAMP2 can provide you the tools to manage your camp better, faster, and easier than ever before!

    • A complete solution for information management, financial management, registration, marketing and reporting.
    • Easily personalize mailing list, camper, staff and other screens and reports.
    • Special tools for e-mail marketing, online registration, and more.
    • Fully integrated accounting modules or QuickBooks™ integration.
    Please visit for our free demo CD and info packet, or call us at (800) 220-4111.

    One Last Thing

    Reflections of a Summer Past
    The embers of another summer camp season have died out. Next year will be great if owners and directors take this time to consider why they operate their unique communities – and review their mission statements.

    Rich-media marketing boosts camp traffic
    Mediaplayer now provides interactive, rich- media marketing solutions to deliver your camp's message in a unique way. Our Camp Media Player will create a greater demand for your camp and inspire campers and parents to contact you for more information!

    Sign up by September 30, 2005 and you will receive a 10% discount off the price of our Camp Media Player!

    Contact us 1-877-777-7738 for further details.

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