Bunk Activities

Animal Match

Number of Players: 6 or more Activity Level: Medium

Each person will be assigned an animal identity. This identity should be kept a secret. The students then need to find other students that are the same animal. They must do this by making the noise of their assigned animal. There should be no ...

Balloon Volleyball

Number of Players: 10 and up Activity Level: High

Hang a net or rope approximately five feet from the floor. Arrange a row of chairs on either side of the net, facing each other; arm length from the net. Service begins on the right and moves to the left after each service change. The service is an ...


Number of Players: 10 and up Activity Level: High

All players join hands and form a circle. One player is chosen as it\' and stand in the center of the circle. His job is to break through the clasped hands or go over or under the hands to escape the circle. If he escapes, the circle drops hands and ...


Number of Players: Small to medium groups Activity Level: Low

Have all the campers sit in a circle. Begin a beat: slap your knees twice, clap your hands twice, and snap fingers on each hand...slap slap, clap clap, snap, snap...continue this steady beat through the game. Then, begin the following chat, each ...

Famous People

Number of Players: 2 and up Activity Level: Low

The first player begins by saying the first and last name of a famous person. The next player must name a person whose first name begins with the first letter of the previously mentioned person\'s last name. For example, if the first person says ...

Ha Ha Game

Number of Players: 8 to 15 Activity Level: Medium

Activity 1: Have all the campers sit in a circle. One camper starts the game by looking in the eyes of the person next to him/her and saying Ha. Then that camper turns to the next cmper and says Ha Ha. It continues on like this, adding a Ha every ...

Human Tic Tac Toe

Number of Players: small group Activity Level: Medium

Half of your cabin are the x\'s (arms crossed above head) and the others are o\'s (arms in circle above head) Make a tic tac toe grid on the floor (out of clothes or branches). Get the groups to line up on opposite sides of the room, and play like a ...

Matching items game

Number of Players: 3 or more Activity Level: Low

The leader will show you for 10 seconds a box with a bunch of items in it. Then the leader will take the box away. Then you go around the circle and try to name all the items in the box. If it is your turn and you cannot remember the item in the box ...

Who\'s It?

Number of Players: 8 to 15 Activity Level: Medium

Everyone stands in a circle. Pick one person to be the guesser and send them out of the room. Then, pick someone to be IT. IT begins an action (example: snapping, hopping on one foot, etc...) and everyone else copies him/her. Bring the guesser back ...

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