Greased Watermelon Polo

  • Number of Players: 8 and up
  • Objective: For a team to carry the watermelon over its design
  • Equipment: watermelon, lard or butter, roped off swimming are

Participants are divided into two equal teams. Both teams line up facing each other in the middle of the playing area. One player carries the watermelon between the two teams and drop it at any point he wishes. The teams battle for position of the watermelon and attempt to move it towards their respective goals. One point is awarded to a team whenever the watermelon crosses its goal. After a point is scored, play is resumed with the teams lining up for a face-off as at the beginning. If the watermelon crosses one of the sidelines, the team\'s line up for a face-off at the point where the watermelon went out of bounds. Variation - use more than one watermelon.

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