Evening Programs

Casino Night

Number of Players: 50 plus Activity Level: Low

The super seniors and the cit\'s run this night.
You set up all kinds of casino games. You have loansharks.

The bunks are giving fake money and the play games to win more.
You have music playing in the back and the lights are ...


Number of Players: 30 plus Activity Level: Medium

This game is best played when it is a little bit darker. Campers go around in cabins with their counselors. There are about 6 counselors or other staff sitting in random places (not hidden but not in easy places to find)in camp with flashlights with ...

Counselor Dressup

Number of Players: Cabins or groups of 6 - 10 Activity Level: Medium

Each group has newspaper and 1 pair of scissors. Each group has planning time to decide how to design their counselor?s costume with newspaper. At the start one person from each team goes for 10 pieces, 2-3 inches long of tape. As they need more ...

Human Anagrams

Number of Players: 52 - must be groups of 26 Activity Level: Medium

This activity is done in teams. You can have as many teams as you want but each team must have 26 members (so each person gets a letter but you can make it so that it works for your group size). Before the program takes place, make up a set of ...


Number of Players: 30 plus Activity Level: Low

Each bunk picks a song or a mix of songs. Then they practice it for a couple days.

Then they perform in front of the whole camp. Give prizes for best senior and junior groups.

Hint: Screen songs ahead of time for content!!

Teen Strip Off

Number of Players: any Activity Level: Medium

Divide into teams or just use cabins. Have campers put as many items of clothing they can put on. All items must be worn to the event; items carried will not be counted. The bottom layer should be swimsuit, which will not be an item called. Try to ...

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