Team Building

Body drawing

Number of Players: any Activity Level: Medium

This is more of an activity than a game, and is good for a group who will be spending a few weeks in an place, e,g. a camp. Have campers trace each other\'s body outline on a large sheet paper. The camper lies down on the floor on the sheet of paper ...

Cardboard Relay

Number of Players: 8 and up Activity Level: High

The players are divided into two teams. A goal is established for each team such that each team will have the same distance to travel to get to it. The teams stand in lines facing their respective goals. Each team is given two pieces of cardboard. ...

Electricity or Concentration

Number of Players: 10 and up Activity Level: Medium

Divide the group into two lines facing each other, about 4 feet apart. Players in each line hold hands. Leader stands at one end facing the lines and holding the end person\'s hand in each line. The person is the outlet. In the middle of each line ...

Knot Game

Number of Players: 10 and up Activity Level: High

You stand in a group. Everybody puts his or her hands in the middle and grabs another person\'s hand. The only rule is to grab onto a different person\'s hand and not someone next to you. Then as a group without letting go you, need to maneuver ...

Lap Sit

Number of Players: 15 plus Activity Level: Low

Have players form a tight circle. Then have players all turn the same direction, to their either right or left, to form a single file circle. Players need to be close to the person in front of them and when a signal is given the players slowly bend ...

Post it Notes

Number of Players: 6 to 12 Activity Level: Low

This works great for weekend retreats but also can be adapted to cabins. Have all names of people in your cabin or group on a wall. Have each person write down five things that others in the room would not know about them on post it notes. Then ...

Trust Walks

Number of Players: 15 plus Activity Level: Medium

Blind fold every camper involved and get them to put their hands on the shoulder of the camper in front of them. A counselor leads the line of campers through a small walk, doing different things, like climbing over something, ducking under a ...

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