• Camp Type: Overnight, Day
  • Age of Campers: 8 - 18
  • Gender of Campers: Coed
  • Year Established: 1969
  • Accreditations: 1
  • Age: 8 - 18
  • Type: Overnight, Day
  • Gender: Coed

MB Nike Sports Camps in proud partnership with DeBartolo Sports have teamed-up to offer the Elite Quarterback and Wide Receiver Academy.

This all-inclusive experience gives athletes the opportunity to build on their football foundation by training with experts that have had success developing athletes at the NFL, College, High School and youth level.

They will receive daily instruction on how to improve their technical, tactical, and mental abilities on the football field. The program is led by Coach Joe Dickinson and he is supported by an expert team of coaches and performance specialists.

Coaches will take athletes through a simulated NFL and College mini-camp, complete with position specific skills training, speed, strength, and agility training, NFL film study and classroom chalkboard sessions.

When not training, athletes have the opportunity to participate in organized activities.  The experience is enhanced with special guest coaching appearance by current NFL and/or college quarterbacks and receivers.

Camper Benefits:

  • 5 to 6 hours of Football Instruction per day
  • Low ratios of campers to instructors
  • Nightly Optional Field Trips
  • Great Factilites (air conditioned dorms!)
  • High level of coaching:  College, University Coaches, High School Coaches, Professional Players and former professional players
  • Campers meet other youth from all over the world.  MBSC’s language + sports program attracts international campers- every year we have anywhere from 10 – 15 different countries represented!

Parent Benefits:

  • As the owners are parents themselves, they understand the importance of supervision and security at camp.  MBSC owners, Mehdi and Maria Belhassan reside on campus with the campers and staff and require extensive criminal and sexual offender background checks on all employees.

Double Supervision:

  • Most camps only hire 1 group of staff and therefore the coaches are also the counselors.  MBSC hires 2 separate staff: coaches AND counselors.
  • This ensures that the staff members are not overly tired and are able to adequately watch over your children and the coaches are able to give 100% on the Baseball field daily!
Field Trips:
  • MBSC is one of the only camps that offer OFF-CAMPUS, organized field trips on a nightly basis. 
  • Some of the activities are:  Baseball Games, MLS Soccer Games, Lazer Tag, Water Country, 6 Flags, Bowling, Whale Watch, Trips to Downtown Boston, Quincy Market, Boston Duck Tours, Blue Man Group Shows and much more!

Multiple Sports:

  • MBSC is an intensive sports training camp with 8 sports and 2 locations.  Many campers who play multiple sports enjoy mixing sports during their stay. 
  • While campers must play 1 sport per week, if the camper stays for multiple weeks- he/she can choose to train in a different sport each week.

The NIKE Factor:

  • MB Sports Camps partnered with Nike/US Sports Camps in 2005. The partnership has brought many benefits to the camp and its campers.
  • NIKE is not just any other brand… NIKE is a whole way of thinking. NIKE Baseball Camps set the bar high when it comes to all aspects of camp: from teaching methods & hiring staff to the registration process and check in procedures. Being a part of NIKE Baseball Camps gives us the opportunity to meet with other Camp Directors and bring together innovative ideas on how to make our camp #1!
  • Campers benefit by getting free Nike t-shirts, gear, and goodies!

MBSC offers campers a well rounded, safe summer camp experience. Campers are given every opportunity to improve their game, all the while having fun and creating memories that will last a lifetime!


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