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Summer Camps for Kids, Teens & Youth

Summer camps and summer programs for kids, teens and youth in the United States and Canada.

Summer Camps : Summer Camps for Kids, Teens & Youth

Summer camps provide your child with the chance to develop character, learn valuable life skills, make new friends, and discover new interests. Finding the right summer camps for your child are as important as helping them find the right college! At, our goal is to help parents find kids and teen summer camps in Canada and the USA that will meet the needs of your child.

The key to finding the right summer camps is to first ask some questions. What do you and your child hope to achieve from the camp experience? Does your child have any special interests that they want to explore? Is a lot of structure desirable?

Once you've answered these basic questions you will be able to select the type of summer camps appropriate for your child. Camps fall into two major categories-traditional camps and specialty camps. Either type of camp is capable of providing a fantastic summer experience.

Traditional Summer Camps
Traditional camps offer a variety of activities including outdoor recreation, arts and crafts, individual activities, team activities, and more. Kids at traditional camps select their favorite activities from a list and spend as much or as little time on each activity as they choose. Traditional camps are best for children who love to do many different types of things or who are easily bored.

Traditional camps can be day camps or sleepaway camps. Day camps allow children to participate in camp activities during the day but stay at home with parents during the evening. Sleepaway camps are camps where kids stay at camp under the supervision of adult guardians for a week or a month at a time.

Specialized Summer Camps
Specialized camps focus their instruction on one activity like dance or basketball. This type of camp is geared towards children intent on improving performance in the specialized activity. Children who are extremely motivated in one specific activity and who can concentrate on one thing for long periods are best suited for specialty camps.

Summer Camps News for Campers, Parents, Directors, Job Seekers and Vendors

The Benefits From Camp Proven
A new study called the Canadian Summer Camp Research Project shows compelling evidence of the personal and societal benefits of summer camp for kids. [ more ]

A Summer Fashion Camp for Tweens
Fashion-minded tweens are exploring their interests and learning about the fashion industry at summer camps in New York City. [ more ]

Sending Your Child to Sleepaway Camp
Sending your child to a summer camp outside of your hometown can be a great way for them to learn independence and take advantage of opportunities not available in their immediate community. But how far is too far? [ more ]

A Summer Camp for Young Entrepreneurs
The Entrepreneurship Summer Camp and Personal Enrichment, called ESCAPE, at Nova Southeastern University brings university professors, local entrepreneurs and leaders to educate high school students about business basics such as etiquette, finance, budget, marketing and public relations. [ more ]

The Benefits of Cellphones at Camp
From cellphones to email, more and more summer camps are changing the way campers keep in touch with Mom or Dad this summer, some allowing parents to communicate every day with their campers. [ more ]

Summer Camp Can Help Shy Kids
If your child struggles with shyness, summer camp can be a great place for them to overcome their anxieties and learn new social skills. [ more ]

Jewish Summer Camps Offer Healthier Choices
First Lady Michelle Obama has challenged the country to eat healthier and summer camps are answering the call. Jewish summer camps especially are making more educated food choices and passing that sensibility to their campers. [ more ]

Pediatricians Know Best for Summer Camp
You trust your child's pediatrician to give you advice on what's best for your their health and well-being. Why not take their advice on how to choose a summer camp? The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has released a policy statement outlining tips for creating healthy camp experiences for children. [ more ]

Avoiding Summer Camp Stress
If you're still looking for a summer camp for your child, you can avoid disappointment and frustration down the line by researching a camp's refund and cancellation policies before enrolling. That way, if your family schedule changes, you know what your options are for rescheduling summer camp plans. [ more ]

Research options now for summer campers
I am a fan of a summer camp experience for children. This is not surprising because research shows that 90 per cent of people who went to a residential camp also send their children and being that my husband and I were childhood campers and counsellors, you can bet our kids attended. [ more ]

Zac Brown Launches Summer Camp For Special Needs Kids
Big-hearted country star Zac Brown has set up a special needs summer camp for kids suffering from autism, Tourette's syndrome and attention deficit disorder. [ more ]

Hey kids, how about a vocation vacation?
For Jennifer Porat, summer camp isnít about símores and canoe trips. Itís about creating a runway collection and learning about the fashion industry. [ more ]

Summer Camp Impact Seen High In New Study
Strongest evidence yet of effect of camping on Jewish identity, adult engagement. When your child grows up, do you want him or her to feel an emotional attachment to Israel, go to synagogue and donate regularly to Jewish causes? [ more ]

Summer Camp Sign Up
It's only the second day of March and already I'm receiving emails and notifications that summer camp sign ups have begun. It's time to jump ahead three or four months on the calendar and decide if and when summer camp will be an option. [ more ]

Rituals of summer camp
The campers may change but traditions remain at many overnight camps. Some of the oldest and most unique summer camps in the Southeast rest in the mountains of Western North Carolina. [ more ]

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Summer camps and summer programs for kids, teens and youth in the United States and Canada.