Ice Breakers


Number of Players: 8 to 15 Activity Level: Low

Everyone sits in a circle with a stick in the middle. Somebody asks a questions like whose been to disney land or who has a brother etc. If you can answer yes to the question, you try to be the first one to pick up the stick and than that person ...

String Toss

Number of Players: Small to medium groups Activity Level: Low

Set up small groups of 8-12 players and have them sit in a circle for this icebreaker. One person is given the ball of yarn and finds the end of it. They will toss the ball of yarn to anyone within the circle while they are still holding the end of ...

The Sock Game

Number of Players: small groups Activity Level: Medium

Use a sock or towel. Chose one person to start standing in the middle. That person\'s goal to to tap the person\'s leg with the sock/towel when the person sitting in the cirles name is called. So someone starts saying someone\'s name, once your name ...

Toilet Paper Game

Number of Players: 4 to 8 Activity Level: Low

Take a roll of toilet paper and explain to the group that this is the only toilet paper for the whole week and for them to take as much as they will need. One everyone has taken some, tell them that the number of little square sheets they have is ...

Traffic Jam

Number of Players: multiple of six, minimum of 12 Activity Level: Medium

Imagine you have seven sheets of paper on the ground. Numbered from 1 - 7. You then will have 2 teams of three people. Have team one stand on numbers 1-3, and team two stand on numbers 5-7. Teams need to be facing the number four. The object of the ...

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