Quiet Games


Number of Players: small group Activity Level: Low

Sit in a circle. Count by one in sequential order as high as you wish. For each 7, multiple of 7 and any number including 7 in it, the individual must say skip or switch in place of the number. Switch reverses the direction of play. Skip continues ...


Number of Players: small group Activity Level: Low

You start with numbering off everyone in the circle starting with one. The number that the player has is the number they have to say in the sequence. Everyone starts this beat, slap, slap, (slapping your legs) than clap, clap (with your hands). ...


Number of Players: 10 and up Activity Level: Medium

Have kids sit in a circle. The object is to see how fast you can say the word Zoom going around the circle. Each person has to wait until the person next to them on the left has said the word Zoom. Not a high intense activity. Change and add things ...

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