Active Games

Balloon Basketball

Number of Players: 10 and up Activity Level: High

Divide the group into two teams. Arrange two rows of chairs, or you can use the floor, approximately three feet apart. Place the large wastebasket at both ends. Seat the teams alternating players. The leader puts the balloon in play by tossing it in ...

Blob Tag

Number of Players: 10 and up Activity Level: High

t is a regular game of tag. You will have one person it. When you are tagged by the person that is it, you link arms with him and you now are part of the it. The blob will form.

Bottle Fill Relay

Number of Players: any Activity Level: High

Teams line up behind the bucket on one side of the field, while one member from the team lines down at the other end, holding a bottle on their forehead.

To start, first member in line dips cup in bucket to fill it, runs to bottle and ...

Bump, Set, Spike

Number of Players: 5 or more Activity Level: High

You stand in a circle and pass the beach ball around the circle. You can only touch the ball once in a row. If the ball is being passed to you and you touch it and it and it hits the ground or you spike it and it does not hit another person then you ...

Capture the Flag

Number of Players: large group Activity Level: High

The group is divided into two teams (we usually put different coloured war paint on faces to tell whose on what team). Each team has a flag and hides it on their side of the playing area. one the game starts both sides try to find and capture the ...

Catch the Cane

Number of Players: 10 and up Activity Level: High

All players form a circle around one player in the center. Each person on the circle is given a number. The center player stands with the cane upright, holding it with one finger. Without warning, he lifts the finger from the cane and calls out a ...


Number of Players: large groups Activity Level: Medium

We have several stations set up, and a staff member at each one dressed up as a character( like professor plum, mrs. white etc.). In cabin groups, the campers go to any station they want, but only one cabin can be there at a time. The counselor has ...


Number of Players: 3 or more Activity Level: High

one person is the cop the others are the bad guys the cop counts to 20 while the bad guys hide the cop looks for the bad guys when the cop finds a bad guy he chases the and tries to put him in cuffs then he takes him to jail and then the bad guy is ...

Counselor Hunt

Number of Players: large group Activity Level: Medium

A certain number of counselors hide in the camp (we use like 6-10 but we are a smaller camp). The campers are in a specific area until the counselors are hidden. The campers go around in cabins with a counselor, and try and find all the counselors ...

Dutch Auction

Number of Players: small group, or teams with bigger groups Activity Level: Medium

Campers get a set time, e.g. 8 minutes to grab anything they have that can fit in a pillowcase. Then they sit in groups and the auctioneer asks for an item, e.g. a white sock. Then there are points for everyone with a white sock and points for ...

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