Active Games

Smurfs and Gargamels

Number of Players: 10 and up Activity Level: High

You have two teams standing on opposite sides of the area. The smurfs are one team and gargamels are the other. The smurfs try to tiptoe to the gargamels. A neutral person will yell, smurfs are here. The gargamels then turn around and have to try to ...

Snake Tag

Number of Players: Small to large groups Activity Level: High

Start out with three to four in a group. Try to get as many groups as possible and leave a person as it.

Have the members of each group attach together by holding onto the waist of the person in front of them to form a snake. The person ...

Sponge Relay

Number of Players: any Activity Level: High

All members of the team line up behind the bucket of water. Counselors are at the other end of field, on all fours, with the cans resting on their backs.

The first runner dips his/her sponge into the bucket of water, then runs to the ...

Streets and Alleys

Number of Players: 16 to unlimited Activity Level: High

First you must pick someone to be it and have someone be the runner (the one to be chased). Line the rest of the group up side by side in even rows. Everyone within the rows must join hands. One of the people standing in line needs to be the caller ...

Towel Relay

Number of Players: 20 Activity Level: High

Each team selects 20 people to participate, and divides them into four teams of five.

To start, the towel is dipped in the bucket of water.

One person will sit on the towel as the other four people on the team carry him/her to ...

TV Tag

Number of Players: medium groups Activity Level: High

In this variation, when the person who is it tags someone, they are frozen in place. To be unfrozen, someone must touch them and must yell out the name of a TV show (The Simpsons!). A TV show name can only be used once. Play continues until all are ...


Number of Players: any Activity Level: High

One team member sits on the ground at one end of the field while the rest of the team lines up behind the bucket of water.

First runner dips cup into bucket and runs to team member sitting at other end of field

When runner ...

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