Active Games

Elbow Tag

Number of Players: 10 and up Activity Level: High

Everyone finds a partner and they stand together with elbows linked. Each pair spreads out throughout the playing area. The leader picks one pair to be the first players involved in the chase; one is the runner and the other is the chaser. If the ...

Elves, Wizards, Giants

Number of Players: 10 and up Activity Level: High

This is like paper, rocks and scissors but with actions. The way it works is this: the giants stomp the elves, the elves chase the wizards, and the wizards zap the giants. You will have two teams on opposite sides of a line. Each team will decide on ...

Freeze Tag

Number of Players: 10 and up Activity Level: High

It is a normal game of tag with one person it. That person then tags people and if they are tagged, they are frozen. The only way to get unfrozen is to have a person who is not it crawl under your legs.

Gold Rush

Number of Players: large group Activity Level: Medium

Campers go around and try to find as much \'gold\' (usually spray painted rocks) that has been hidden, in the time alotted. The cabin that gets the most wins. The catch is that there are bandits and or outlaws (staff - it\'s really fun if they dress ...

Hospital Tag

Number of Players: 10 and up Activity Level: High

The basic rules are the same as tag. One person is Mr. Yuck and the others run. When you get tagged you may cover your wound with one of your hands. When you get tagged a second time, you may cover your wound with your other hand. The third time you ...

Human Foosball

Number of Players: minimum of 5 players on each team Activity Level: High

there are 2 teams, on each team they hold hands in rows of 3 or 4.They choose 1 person the be a goalie, and face the other team (it will look like an foosall tabel setup)they have to remain holding hands, while only moving side to side to kick the ...

Multiple Sponge Relay

Number of Players: any Activity Level: High

At one end of the line there is a bucket full of water, and at the other end, an empty bucket. Each is being manned by a counselor.

Team members sit one behind the other in line between the two buckets

To start, the counselor ...

Nerf Ball Relay

Number of Players: 15 Activity Level: High

Each team chooses 15 people for the relay, and divides those people into groups of 3.

Dip the Nerf ball into the bucket of water.

Each group of 3 holds the ball using their foreheads, creating a circle around the ball by ...


Number of Players: medium and large groups Activity Level: High

Two people are chosen to be the octopuses. The stand in the middle of the field. All the campers are one one side. The counselor in charge calls octopus and the campers all run from one side to the other trying not to get caught by the octopus. If ...

Pizza Shop

Number of Players: Medium to large groups Activity Level: High

Two people (pizza makers) stand in the middle of the gym and the rest of the players stand behind a line at one end of the gym. The coordinator goes down the line informing them what topping they are by saying pepperoni, mushroom, or ham. The pizza ...

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